Lack Rack to full size 24u rack upgrade

Recently I’ve been looking into a few ways to “professionalise” my HomeLab on the cheap, and one of those ways was to implement a rack mount solution. This article outlines my adventure and how I did it.

Nvidia GPU passthrough – ESXi 6.7

It seems that there’s some confusion and a surprising lack of information regarding setting up Nvidia consumer GPU passthrough for ESXi 6.7. Here I will discuss what I had to do in order to get my consumer Nvidia 1050 Ti to work on my Windows 10 VM in my ESXi 6.7 DL380 G7 host.

Homelab Server Licensing

This is a topic I see a lot around the internet and particularly on the /r/homelab subreddit so I figured I’d chime in with my professional opinion.