About Me

Tyson Zeilstra

Who am I?
G’day fellow internet user! I’m Tyson, an IT professional living and working in Australia. I work in the IT field holding a Bachelor’s Degree of Information Technology, with a Major in System Services. The reasoning behind the Bachelor’s Degree of Information Technology was it allowed me to expand my knowledge on Information Technology and also dabble in real world business logic, an important experience I felt was left out of the alternative choices.
System Services as a Major was preferred as it allowed me to minor in Networks & Security, and Database Systems – both of which I found are useful areas of study for business systems administration!

Good introduction huh? I’m not so good at talking about myself, but I do enjoy talking about computers, like a lot. Just ask me about my Home Lab!

So what is this website?
Well this is my little corner of the internet. I mostly post things here for myself. It’s sort of an online journal of what I do whenever I feel like updating it, mostly filled with homelab related topics and activities, but I may expand into real-world topics.