October’s Network Diagram

I’ve managed to finish migrating all of my VMs to the new DL380 G7 ESXi Host. Afterwards, I found some time to sit down and draw a quick network diagram. I then posted this diagram to an online forum and received some good questions & suggestions.

Suggestions Received

1. Move the Xbox and Media PC off of the main network’s subnet as if the HTPC is running many 3rd party programs, which it is, it may be considered untrusted.
I like this suggestion, and I’ve actually implemented the changes into my current environment!

2. Use vlans! Why aren’t you using vlans?
I haven’t found a use case for vlans in my current environment yet. I have some experience with using them in the past, so incorporating them into my lab would be a beneficial learning experience.

Questions People Asked

What’s your thought process on subnetting?
The reason I have a 10.0.0.x network and a 192.168.1.x network is because I want my VM lab to have nothing to do with the rest of my network. It’s for testing stuff mostly, so I didn’t want to confuse myself .

What are your projects/plans for all of that RAM?
I want to get to a point where I’m emulating my work’s environment, they have a few more servers there so I’ll need the ram to be able to mimic it all on one machine. That and I run my own VMs for home.

Why the switches instead of PFsense vlans?
pfSense is only 3 days old, I haven’t had the chance to use it. Ill be adding vlans to the list of things I test before using it as my main firewall/router. (Lots of people suggested vlans!)

Whats your end goal/learning objective?
Kinda mentioned in Q2. I want to replicate my work’s environment so I can become more familiar with networking and the likes. I’m a year into working in IT as a qualified professional and just want to be able to test stuff in my own environment without the risk of destroying my career with the press of a button.

What’s running on the TX1330?
It was my first server, so it was my ESXi host running everything. (I also had a 1050 Ti in there for GPU passthrough to one of the VMs)
Currently it’s just a datastore but I’m looking to turn it into either a NAS or even just a windows server with a bunch of shares. I need to figure out the pros and cons of each before I do.
I’m glad someone asked about it since it is by far my favourite server. Only pulls 50W when idling so it’s cheap as chips to run. (That’s how I justified the cost).