Lab Update – New DL380 G7

Managed to pick up a “new” DL380 G7 from the local classifieds today!
This bad boy is going to be the new ESXi host for my lab, replacing the DL360 G7! But why bother “upgrading”?..

Well, the DL380 G7’s a 2u server and the DL360 G7’s a 1u server, and because I keep my lab in my lounge room, the new 2u server fans are much, much quieter than the 1u server’s fans which are pretty loud by default… Anyways, on to the specs!

2x E5630 @ 2.66GHz (Also provided 2x X5660’s)
72GB 1066MHz DDR3 Ram
5x 10k 146GB SAS Drives